Is there somewhere I can view the products?

The MORPH collection will be on display at the Dialogue Room in Woodstock, Cape Town, until the end of February 2020. For alternative viewing arrangements, please contact Studio AN. Details are provided in the “Contact” section.

How long will it take for my order to get to me?

All items are made to order. Smaller items like the Morph Lamp and Morph Mirror will take 2 weeks to manufacture. The large items such as the Morph Bench, Morph Cabinet  and Morph stool will take 4 weeks to manufacture.

Delivery for items in Cape Town can be arranged with the manufacturer. To have items delivered in areas outside of Cape Town, arrangements will be made with a local delivery company.

How do I care for my Marble and Terrazzo products?

Marble and Terrazzo grow more beautiful with time. With the right care, they can last forever. Avoid acidic cleansers, which can erode the material. For daily cleaning, fill a spray bottle with natural soap and warm water. Lightly spray the product, then clean and dry with a soft cloth. 

Please note that these materials are easily etched by knives, so avoid using them as cutting surfaces. Acidic foods, fruit juices and other pigmented liquids can also damage or stain the porous surface of the products. Wipe up spills immediately, don't let them sit in water and don't place hot food directly on top of them - as this can cause them to crack.

Do you make custom pieces?

Absolutely! Please get in touch - we would love to hear what you have in mind.