About the MORPH collection

The MORPH collection was dreamt into being around a table scattered with marble and terrazzo samples. The aesthetic correlation between the mottled stone and jelly candy was uncanny and inspired initial sketches of congealed salads that referenced 80’s interior design, surrealist spaces, moonscapes, and retro futurism.

These ideas along with the nature of marble and terrazzo started playing into the notion of transformation and metamorphosis – a process of change from one form to another. Gelatine undergoes various changes in order to congeal. Similarly, carbonate minerals recrystallize to form marble. Terrazzo’s transformation requires the combination of marble and concrete, which is ultimately ground down and then polished.

The ideas around transformation were further highlighted by the way in which we chose to work with the marble and terrazzo. Challenging the constraints of the manufacturing process and the making of form with a planar material.

MORPH celebrates marble and terrazzo in a whimsical state of playful perfection.